September, 2013 Archive

My Entries for Capture the Colour 2013.

So there’s this competition going around called Capture the Colour 2013. The idea is that you’re given five colours, and then...

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hainanese, chicken, rice, soul, enriching, food, stall, court, bangkok, thailand

Hainanese Chicken Rice for the Soul.

Let’s consider chicken soup for a moment. It’s a pretty well known aid for nasty colds and flus and bugs. It’s easy to...

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Puddle Roulette in Bangkok.

The rainy season has a way of getting you down. Every time you want to go out and explore what Thailand has to offer, the weather decides...

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One Perfect Day: Norway.

Travelling to Norway was a big milestone for me. I’ve wanted to visit this country since I was old enough to assert myself in an...

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salmon, tuna, sea bream, octopus, crab stick, sashimi, takumi, restaurant, japanese, bangkok

Sushilicious: Takumi Japanese Restaurant.

I don’t know about you, but I get hankerings for sushi and sashimi pretty damn often. Back in my recently-departed city of Brisbane,...

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Getting our Viking on in Norway.

Man, this past week has been packed. I know a lot of you seasoned travellers will scoff at that, and say, “Newbie, you don’t...

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