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Choosing a Less Certain Life.

It’s a contentious topic these days, isn’t it — this whole security business. I’m not talking about bouncers at...

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I’m Now a Proud Aunty to a Travel Magazine!

One of the more exciting events of my life happened last night. On the 28th January, 2014, a new product was born into the travel...

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Cycling the Otago Rail Trail.

You’d think that with New Zealand being my favourite country in the entire world, I’d have written about it much sooner. But...

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Today’s Mission: Break Into an Empty Amusement Park.

Mission accomplished. If you’ve been following my past week in Hanoi, you’ll know that it was (to use a phrase I seriously...

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How a Lake Stopped Me Hating on Hanoi.

Mmk…I think I’m ready to open up about my first few days in Vietnam. Basically, I haven’t experienced such an acute...

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Getting Around Vietnam’s Facebook Ban.

Welcome to the new year on my blog! 2014 is off to a quiet start: I just moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, and have been desperately taking care of...

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