I take myself more seriously when writing for other, more established publications. Here’s a list (a modest one, admittedly, but to be expanding all the time) of articles I’ve penned for said publications. If you like what you read and want me to write for you, the contact button’s begging to be clicked! Alternatively, you can catch me at

Articles for For the Intolerants:

Top Travel Blogs: #SeeTheWorld Creation Curation — Part VI (featured).

Articles for Hostelrocket Hostel Blog:

Backpacks vs. Wheelie Cases: the Budget Traveller’s Baggage Brawl.

Tips for Hiring Scooters and Motorbikes in Southeast Asia.

Articles for How To Be a Travel Writer:

A Beautiful and Messy Experience: Introducing Kim Dinan.

Looking to the World for Stories: Introducing Candace Rose Rardon.

I Wrote This Drunk. (Part one of two-part series exploring writing while intoxicated).

Articles for Kiss from the World:

The Best Indian Food in Bangkok?

Articles for Laurence Bradford (Southeast Asia Development):

Best Destinations in Southeast Asia.

Articles for Vagabundo Magazine:

A Third Path to Freedom: Introducing Lauren Crabbe.

Baby Destroyers, Master Shifu, and Running Away to Norway.

Feeling the Moment in a Koh Lanta Sunset.

Recycling My Own Pee in Northeast Thailand.

When Travel F*cks You Up.

What Does Your 2014 Look Like?

Em Bell Kayaks Great Britain (for Love of Ginger Beards).

A Donkey’s Wales Tale.

Tea and Razor Wire: Biking from India to Burma.

On Chasing Short-Term Happiness.

International Women’s Day: a Celebration in Photos (photo credit).

Greg Goodman Gets Lost in Korea.

Two Challenges, Twelve Countries: Rally with The Travel Scientists.

On the Front Lines with Alice Martins (print).

Witness the Unseen Africa with Francis Tapon.

A Sacred Trail.

Articles for World Meets Girl:

How Zombies Pushed Me to Pursue My Travel Dreams.

Articles for The Courier Mail Newspaper (print):

“Rhythm of a Life’s Work” — 26.08.10.

“Second Go at Finals” — 27.08.10.

“Artist Catches Hearts” — 15.09.10.

“Behind the Mind’s Shutters” — 23.09.10.

“Capturing City’s Spirit to Aid Those on Its Streets” — 12.10.10.

“Wrongs Made Right” — 13.10.10.

“Strange, it’s a Chorale” — 29.10.10.

“Prosthetic Limbs Get a Get Up at Exhibition” — 01.11.10.

“Sticking to Her Comedy Roots” — 09.11.10.

“It’s a Tour de Workforce” — 11.11.10.

“Out on a Limb for Art” — 18.11.10.

“Capital Captured in Colour” — 19.11.10.